Nasrine Rahmani


Specialising in Afro-cuban and Afro Brazilian percussion, Nasrine began performing in and around Melbourne at the tender age of 15 and now is one of the most prominant female percussionists in Australia. After graduating from a Bachelor of Music (Improvistaion) from the Victoria College of the Arts she began touring locally with Australian original percussion based groups such as Tumbarumba and the Oxo Cubans before she was motivated by a new Afro Cuban inspired project to begin studing in Cuba. She spent 3 months in 2004/05 in Havana immersed in Rumba and Afro Cuban folkloric culture and returned to Cuba the second time last year to focus on her newfound passion, the TImbales. She is renowned for her commitmment to and management of Australias only %100 original Latin funk outfit San Lazaro whom she is proudly representing at WOMEX 07.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2007