• country:Spain
  • region:Catalonia
  • style(s):Latin
  • label:Right Here Right Now
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, salsa and latin band
  • artist submitted by:Porcausadela

Line up

  • Angel Blazques
  • Carles Sala
  • Nan Mercader
  • Toni Mc Grau


L’Spessa is a Barcelona's band that has always had a vocation about rhythm and music called "hot" because they interpreted the Catalan Rumba and Salsa even before the great Gato Perez.
Tropical rhythms, Catalan Rumba, Reggae and Bolero.
What else do you want? Excellent musicians, all songs played in “clave”, original compositions...
Neither Casino nor Reggaeton, just Sabor!
of the Beatles or the Stones

Tired of seeing that what they did 30 years ago is now fashion, they decided to restart, to to compose new tracks and release