Presenting: Colombia Country of Music

Our Delegation

We are proud to introduce our colombian delegation

Colombia: country of music, rhythms, flavors and contagious dancing moves is landing in Womex 2017 with an arsenal of talent that we are excited to present today.

Week by week we’ll be sending information from our selected group of musicians, bands, managers and business agents, where you’ll be able to find contact and background data, links and, of course, plenty of music. So be prepared, we’ll soon be having a great time at the fair, finding and creating opportunities to strengthen bonds among the world music community.

So, here they are:

Biche Musical (Alejandra Gómez)

Creative space that develops experiences for artists, cultural managers and brands.
Offer: Los Pirañas y Sidestepper. Booking for Latam de Meridian Brothers y Abelardo Carbonó.

MCE Entertainment (María Clara Espinel)

Internationally savvy management that has positioned major colombian groups on the global map.
Offer: La Chiva Gantiva.

Luisa Piñeros

Beloved and recognized music journalist, tireless promoter of colombian music.
Offer: Spread Colombian sounds through Broadcast channels and specialized contents. Encourage exchanges of musical sounds from their communication platforms.

Gotok Music (Carolina Trujillo)

Leading digital distribution and artists services platform for Latin America.

Tambora Records (Juan Sebastián Bastos)

Independent record label focused on the development of new colombian musical ideas.
Offer: Colectro, Tribu Baharú, Tubará Reggae, Redil Cuarteto, Rompefuego y Nvoz.

Redil Cuarteto (Adrian Sabogal)

Street sound ensemble with a flavour of Colombian Pacific Marimba and Jazz.

Sol Okarina

This musician mixes Caribbean rhythms with urban touches, a background of rock-pop and electronic music.

Felipe Vallejo

Cultural manager focused on developing strategies to promote and position emerging projects in Bogotá.
Offer: La hermanas, Ságan, Ghetto Kumbé y N.hardem.

Zalama Crew (Jairo Mauricio Porras)

Ensemble from Cali that fuses funk, reggae and hip hop with Latin and Afro Colombian sounds.

Canalón de Timbiquí (Ariana Vallecilla)

World-wide representatives of the culture and musical wealth of the Colombian Pacific.

César Gómez Montoya

Current director of, crowdfunding platform specializing in music; adviser of artists on strategy and digital presence.
Offer: Nicolás Ospina

La Jagua (Fabián Molano)

Meeting between traditional and universal sounds, a display from the music of the South Pacific, the Andean region and the Colombian Caribbean.

Omar Sánchez

Producer and manager representing major contemporary Caribbean-Latin artists.

Ingard de Lima - Gama Creativos

Artist development, communication design and production that brings Colombian musicians to global audiences.

Emje Rose

Musician and composer with a powerful download of funky afrobeats from Barranquilla.

Sonparei (Irene Criollo)

An initiative to strengthen the scope of independent music and to open the local creative industries.
Offer: Bozá, Palo Cruzao y Son Palenque.

Delegation advisors

Consuelo Arbeláez

Specialist in artistic strategies, coaching and tour production, Consuelo Arbeláez has been a key figure in the expansion of bands such as Systema Solar, La 33, Herencia de Timbiquí and Rancho Aparte.

Cedric David

Responsible for the promotion of bands such as La Mambanegra, first manager of bands like Sidestepper or Chocquibtown and head behind Cecom Musica.

Felipe Álvarez

He produced Pernett, ChocQuibTown and a Bomba Estéreo. Head behind Polen Records, the most successful alternative music label in Colombia.


article submitted by:María Garcés, Portafonico Colombian Delegation