"Centro del mundo" - Radiodervish

  • artist:Radiodervish
  • release year:2002
  • style(s):Ethnic
  • country:Italy
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Princigalli Produzioni
  • label:Cosmasola

Centro del mundo set together and arrange the Babylon of the possible languages: Arab, Italian, English, French and Spanish. Words that tell about common myths of the Mediterranean’s cultures, about mystic symbology and worldly realities. Sensual love become mystic and from spiritual it turn out to be earthly and completely human, always drenched with nostalgia of somewhat mislaid, with exile and wandering aimlessly. Songs conceived as little laboratories where different cultures are interacting and dialoguing each other: matching and fusion of musical stiles which belong to both Arab and western traditions.