Romengo & Mónika Lakatos

Line up

  • Csaba Novák (double bass)
  • Guszti János Lakatos (oral bass, milk churn, dance, vocals)
  • Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács (violin, vocals)
  • Mihály Rostás (guitar, vocals)
  • Mónika Lakatos (voice)
  • Tibor Balogh (washtub, vocals)

Most of Romengo members’ roots are in the heartland of the Hungarian vocal gypsy heritage, though their youth links them to the capital. Their rich background and other traditions converge in Budapest. This is where they became familiar with stringed Hungarian folk melodies and the most beautiful tunes of other local genres; where they met representatives of other European gypsy
cultures. Singing, oral bass, milk churn, spoons, wood trough and tambura serve as instruments, lamentation and rolled songs characterise this music of an age-old culture. Mónika Lakatos’s unique voice grabs the listener and evokes a time when the family, or the whole village got together to express their pain and joy in a fearless, festive party.


Romengo & Mónika Lakatos


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