Meïkhâneh + Uugan

Meïkhâneh + Uugan
Meïkhâneh + Uugan, by OlGa & Milad Pasta


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Video at Manoir de Tizé 2014
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  • country:France
  • region:Mongolia
  • style(s):Fusion, World
  • label:Buda Musique
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Quartet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, percussion, string, unplugged, lute, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Routes Nomades

Line up

  • Johanni Curtet (khöömii, throatsinging, guitar, dombra)
  • Maria Laurent (voice, tovshuur lute, morin khuur fiddle)
  • Milad Pasta (percussions (zarb, udu drum, daf))
  • Uuganbaatar Tsend-ochir (aka "Uugan") (ikh khuur fiddle/double-bass)


Meikhâneh’s compositions are fed by imagination, improvisation and traditional music from Europe, Mongolia and Iran. The luminous and captivating voices carry the power of East European singings, the aerial melodies of the great spaces, as well as the depth of the khöömii, Mongolian overtone singing. One can hear traveling cords recalling the steppes of Asia and Andalusia. The chiseled rhythms of percussion draw on the Persian tradition. Meïkhâneh takes us to the heart of a music without borders that caresses
the soul. Its name borrowed from Persian poetry means the «House of Intoxication». We let ourselves be carried…

Uugan is is one of the guest musician on “La Silencieuse”, the second album of the band.

Meïkhâneh finds inspiring to meet musicians from different influences and to play with them. In April 2011, Meïkhâneh met Uugan, a brilliant Mongolian double bass player, during a creation residency in Switzerland (at La Distillerie Art House in Bulle). That was the beginning of a close collaboration that still continues. Every year they meet again and make new songs together, mixing their musical worlds. Uugan plays in several bands and projects, including Egschiglen, a famous Mongolian traditional ensemble from Germany, with whom he plays all around the world since fifteen years. His music is rooted in the Mongolian tradition (imitation of the horse and camel steps, Long Songs… ), in European classical music, and in personal creations and innovations. He plays on an Ikh Khuur (horse head double bass), that he made. His instrument is like his music: a mix of tradition and modernity.


“Hard to imagine it won't be one of my handful of favourites of the year.” - Ian Anderson

“a rich musical journey with a soul of its own.” – Tim Cumming

TRANSGLOBAL WORLD MUSIC CHART 12th position in septembre

“Intoxicating imaginary folklore” – Charlie Crooijmans

“An excellent disc that lets you speechless” – Jan Willem

“A high voice often with an angelic appearence […] which is also capable of more baroque intensity, that wanders in a mind-blowing way somewhere between the Steppes of Mongolia […] and the sides of Euphrates.” – Anne Berthod

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