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  • artist:Incesaz
  • event type:Concert
  • date:14 Oct 2009 - 14 Oct 2009
  • time:20:30
  • city/area:Berlin
  • venue:Berliner Philharmoniker
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Fusion, Traditional
  • event submitted by:StageArt


Today the music in Turkey lays on a fairly large spectrum, from traditional to pop, from soufi to modern jazz, from countryside folk to arab influenced, so called "arabesque" and so on. This means that a music claiming to represent the musical climate of the whole country will be pretending more than it is. Instead, it is possible to talk about "the Classical Turkish Music", "the Turkish Pop Music", "the Turkish Jazz", "the Turkish Soufi Music", etc.
Incesaz stands on the modern territories of the musical spectrum of Turkey, however, they take root from the Classical Turkish Music. This is a new and fresh concept extending the existing musical cathegories and bringing an extra shelf to the music markets.
Incesaz' music has the full taste of the classical. The "makam" (the mode) and the melodic texture, the instruments chosen and the style they are played, traditional rhythmic patterns and the way they are elaborated make this music standing on historically reliable, strong resources.
On the other hand, Incesaz' music sounds very modern compared to the classical. This music is polyphonic (the Classical Turkish Music is monophonic) and has orchestral arrangment (the classical is not), brings together the traditional Turkish instruments with universal instruments like guitar, bass, piano, accordeon and violoncello and has an overall contemporary sound.
This new approach earned unprecedented praise from the industry and the critics. It is even suggested that Incesaz should be taken as the creator of a new Turkish music format.

Incesaz history

Incesaz first took root from the reunion of Murat Aydemir, Derya Turkan and Cengiz Onural in 1996. These tree people were converging in the main focus that Turkish Music instruments like tanbur, kemenche and kanoun were the soloists of the group, while they were being supported by a contemporary musical infra-structure including the harmony, sound and rhythmic pattern. Aydemir and Turkan were descending from a traditional education, Onural, instead, was an ex-member of the group Yeni Turku, who were partly practiced a similar approach in the pop music domain. This trio has been the kernel of the group and they started composing, arranging, recording and playing in small venues for a short while, until they were discovered by the film industry.
In 1997 the kanoun player, Taner Sayacioglu joined the group and they started recording their first album, "Eski Nisan / the Aged April". This album was released in 1999 and the next year, they have started scoring the ever famous series of the Turkish televisions: "Ikinci Bahar / the Second Spring". The soundtrack was released at the end of 2000.
Incesaz' third album, "Eylul Sarkilari / Songs of September" was released in November 2002. It contains 8 songs and 5 instrumental pieces. The soloist for the songs is one of the most outstanding and appreciated female voices of the time, Melihat Gulses.
The fourth album, released in 2004, "Istanbul'a Dair / About Istanbul" consists of instrumental works and may be taken as a musical panorama of Istanbul city as perceived by Incesaz. A string quartet is accompanying to the group in this album.
The fifth and the last album was released in December 2005: "Mazi Kalbimde / Cherishing Bygone Days". Songs a hundred years old are interpreted in this album together with new compositions of Incesaz, songs and instrumental pieces.