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Stefano Saletti is a musician and composer who plays traditional mediterranean instruments (bouzuki, oud, tzouras), acoustic, classic and electric guitars, piano, percussion, sampler, programming.

He is the founder and band leader of Novalia and the Piccola Banda Ikona.

He is also the musical director of 7SóisOrkestra, a Mediterranean Orkestra who joints together musicians from Portugal, Spain, Maroc, Israel and Italy. They published in 2008 a live Cd called "A Night in Sicily".

He toured in different country like Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Germany.

With the project Piccola Banda Ikona, Saletti joints together some of most important musicians of Italian world music like Mario Rivera (Agricantus), Barbara Eramo, Ramya (Nuklearte), Gabriele Coen e Leo Cesari (Klezroym), Carlo Cossu (Tamburi del Vesuvio), Desirè Infascelli.

Their last Cd “Marea cu sarea” (published on 2008 by Finisterre) is written and sung in Sabir (that means “to know”), an ancient Mediterranean language.

Saletti and the Piccola Banda Ikona have rediscovered that sea-faring "Esperanto" which developed little by little incorporating terms from Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic, and they have brought it back to life, writing ten intense tunes that encompass the sounds and cultures of the Mediterranean, mixing the popular traditions of Southern Italy with Balkan, Arabic, Greek and Sephardic melodies.

“Marea cu sarea” has been included among the ten best new issues in the Folk Roots chart, the prestigious English world music magazine.

Their first cd, issued on 2005, "Stari Most" was dedicated to the historical bridge in Mostar (Bosnia) that was bombed in 1993 and which has always represented a symbol of the meeting and passage between East and West

"Tagama" (from the album "Stari Most") had been included on Buddha Bar vol. VIII, the famous compilation by the French label George V, and on Buddha Bar Ten Years released on October 20, 2006.
Tagama had also been included on the Folk Roots Cd (Aug/Sept 2006).
This was just the latest among the many successes of Stari Most, an album which had already been listed as one of the best releases of 2005 by the World Music Charts Europe, the official listing of European World Music. The album had been number 4 in the Folk Roots chart on January 2006.
Prestigious recognition for the international sounds of Stari Most and the music of the Piccola Banda Ikona.

Last summer The Piccola Banda Ikona performed live the show "Il dolce canto degli dei" with Giancarlo Giannini.


Stefano Saletti: bouzuki, oud, guitar, voice
Barbara Eramo: voice, guitar
Ramya: voice
Mario Rivera: bass
Leo Cesari: drums, percussions
Carlo Cossu: violin
Gabriele Coen: clarinet, sax, flute, duduk
Desirè Infascelli: accordion

Stefano Saletti

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