Uncle Earl
Uncle Earl
  • country:USA
  • style(s):Bluegrass
  • label:Rounder
  • artist submitted by:Strada Music


Call it old-time for our times: with their infectious energy, undeniable charisma, sharp musicianship, and unique repertoire of original and traditional songs, Uncle Earl is bringing the string band legacy proudly into the modern era. The band’s national debut album, She Waits for Night, is that rare project that is enriched by tradition but never enslaved by it -at once defiantly old-fashioned and defiantly contemporary. It is a sound that bridges gaps. Steady touring over the past two years has found the band appealing equally to folk, old-time, alt-country, bluegrass, jam band, and pop audiences. No matter the perspective - the vitality and honesty of the performances on She Waits for Night - make Uncle Earl one of the most exciting and promising new bands to emerge in any genre.
In concert and on She Waits for Night, Uncle Earl members Kristin Andreassen, Rayna Gellert, KC Groves, and Abigail Washburn each take a turn in the spotlight - trading instruments and lead vocals with ease. From a fast fiddle tune to an a capella gospel number (‘Divine’), from a trio for banjo, fiddle, and clogging to an old brother duet or an original ballad that sounds as old as the hills (‘Pale Moon’), the musical range of Uncle Earl is both surprising and wholly organic. Audiences all over the country have fallen in love with the g'Earls’ for their evident delight and camaraderie as they twist and twirl around the single microphone on stage. They are now joined by Mary Lucey on Upright bass to give the band a more earthy and hard hitting sound.

Out on the road they are attacking festivals, concert halls, coffeehouses, and clubs as a self-contained five-piece, Uncle Earl is introducing a new, younger audience to string band music while delighting longtime fans of the genre with the new possibilities presented by the band’s musicianship, songwriting, and personalities. While a pair of limited-run self-released EPs gave the first hint of what the g’Earls are capable in the studio, the combination of the band’s continuing musical growth and Dirk Powell’s expert guidance makes She Waits for Night both the culmination of years of hard work and an inspiring first step.