by Yannis Psathas


The music of Fanfarai is a cheerful combination that is as interesting as the diversity of cultures and trajectories of the musicians themselves. French, North African and Franco-North African musicians bring their energy and talent together and share their own particular musical heritage with all the other members of the band. The baseline of the repertoire of Fanfarai is Algerian and Moroccan and each member of the band is free to bring his own influences into it. Fanfarai succeeds with each performance - in the streets or on stages – because they carry the audience away beyond ethnic descent or nationality, towards territories of tolerance, discovery and pleasure. “Tani” the second album of the band was released on May 2013 and gives a good view of their creativity with personal compositions and reggae & funk influences. The leitmotiv of the band is "to learn from one another and to share with all."