"Isen Sjunger - Singing Ice" - Kraja

With unique consistency and precision, four individual voices melt together into one unison body. Kraja have created their own musical universe – meditative, arresting and poetic – that has spellbound audiences and critics alike. After tours around the world, four albums, collaborations with a symphony orchestra and a Swedish Grammy nomination, Kraja have developed a highly influential role stylistically and are one of the most successful Swedish folk music bands on the international music scene.

Christmas 2016 means Kraja’s 15th anniversary and to celebrate this they will release their fifth album ”Singing ice”. The album’s theme - Christmas and winter - incorporates both original material and traditional winter folk songs, as well as some of Sweden’s best-loved Christmas songs, all clothed in Kraja’s unique harmonies and sounds which have captivated listeners both near and far.

”Singing ice” features the vastly skilled multi-musician Mats Öberg on keyboard who, just like the members of Kraja, was also born and raised in Umeå.

Kraja is:
Frida Johansson, Lisa Lestander, Linnea Nilsson, Eva Lestander – vocals





Track List

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Dagen ar kommer


Vi ska ställa till en roliger dans

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