"A Tremor is Coming (Det kommer ett skalv)" - Väärt

Väärt, from the frozen north of Sweden, have become dirtier on their third album – A tremor is coming.

The chimneys of the growth industry has clouded the idealized image of the Northern provinces, but in the shadows an awakening is growing, an inner liberation which tries to shape a resistance - fed up by resignation. The music is heavier and wilder, driven by a voice which can no longer be held back, which says that one has to do something, that one must offer resistance, that the relationship between humans and nature must be reformulated.

On “Det kommer ett skalv” Väärt have cooperated with the producer Henrik Oja (Säkert!, among others). The album was record at Second Home, Umeå.





Track List

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10-Tal (radio version)

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