Burcu Karadağ

Burcu Karadağ
A new photo from the upcoming album 'Ney In Ethno Jazz'
Another photo from the upcoming album
  • country:Turkey
  • region:Central Anatolia
  • style(s):Jazz, Turkish
  • label:Y Kültür Sanat
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Y Kultur Sanat

Line up

  • Alafsar Rahimov (Balaban, Zurna, Tütek)
  • Burcu Karadağ (Ney, Vocals)
  • Enver Muhammedi (Bass, Double Bass)
  • Etibar Asadli (Piano)
  • Mehmet Akatay (Percussion, Drums, Vocals)


‘Burcu Karadağ can be described as the first woman pioneer of ney oriented blend of jazz and Anatolian music’

Turkey’s one of a kind ney player Burcu Karadağ, young pianist who continues his musical career in Paris Etibar Asadli, Turkey’s well known percussive master Mehmet Akatay, Alafsar Rahimov on the Caucasian traditional wind instruments ‘balaban’ and ‘tütek’, Enver Muhammedi on bass… The team combines Anatolian sounds and jazz harmonies in their own way…

Even tough the musicians live in different cities, with the usage of their own cultural roots they build a whole spirit which lives in İstanbul, Paris, Baku and Kosova at the same time.