Ahmad Al Khatib

Following the footsteps of the great masters, Mohie edin Haidar, Jamil Bashir and Munir Bashir, Ahmad Al Khatib is a rising star in solo Oud playing with expertise in the modern techniques of the Iraqi school of Oud playing. A style that transcends boundaries taking the Oud to areas never reached before in the classical style.

Born in Jordan to Palestinian refugee parents, Ahmad Al Khatib learned to play Oud from the Palestinian musician Ahmad Abdel Qasem. Ahmad enrolled at the Yarmouk University in Jordan where he studied music and Cello playing, graduating with honors in 1997.
He came back to his Palestinian homeland in 1998 as Oud teacher at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. Later, he had to return back to Jordan and work on his musical project from there as part of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. At the meantime, Ahmad is continuing his studies in Sweden.
Ahmad performs classics by the above mentioned masters as well as his own compositions. Percussion as well as Double bass often accompanies Al Khatib’s performances.
Ahmad, performed several solo concerts in Palestine and internationally. Al Khatib’s first solo recording entitled “SADA” is expected to be released soon.

Ahmad Al Khatib


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