Yom Wang Li Duo

Wang LI Yom

showcase on 18th november at 1pm, daycase stage Helexpo / Thessalonik
Yom: Klezmer Clarinet
Wang Li: Jaw Harp and calabash flute

To seek the highest common denominator; this is the philosophy of Yom and Wang Li: high energy, elegant virtuosity, a hunger for spirituality and mysticism.

One is from China, an autodidactic jew’s harp player who performs his art as a solo musician. The other, born and raised in Paris, learnt to play clarinet at the conservatory and performs in several eastern Jewish music bands.

Although both originate from ‘an Orient’, the distance between one another was still significant, which they overcame through a long process of stammering, rumbling and onomatopoeias. At the end of this “silent transformation” (to quote François Jullien), Yom and Wang Li created their own musical vocabulary: A new language, neither Judeo - Chinese nor China - Judaic, but firmly traditional, definitely contemporary and violently respectful.

The debut album of this duo captures the confrontation of these troubling times we find ourselves in: an instrumental declaration of a mutual concern on exacerbating nationalism and damage caused to Nature by humanity.

article submitted by:Jean-Hervé Vidal, Zaman Production