This world fusion, sometimes reminiscent of Mahavishnu Orchestra, sets its priorities as flexible music. Without any linearity but through tropical mathematics in which the Belgian team challenges the virtues of the sitar, playing at full speed or in dreamlike slow motion. Sometimes it can also be Hermia’s flute, Garny’s bass or Seba’s drumming hands that leads the game whereas Purbayan creates new evil chords. And when our Indian friend sings his famous rubbery onomatopoeia (Pace Of Mind), it seems like a catalogue of angels or perfumes imported from the old Maharajas country. Magical.

If in the final part, The Apu Trilogy, we are close to the silent world, the infinitesimal, before setting off again to great heights, it is because the album is nothing but feelings of wind, dust, crimson heat, fresh one thousand and one nights and intertwined bodies.