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  • Amir-John Haddad (flamenco guitar, buzuki, oud)

After touring the world for several years with groups like Radio Tarifa, Chambao, Zoobazar, and a great number of renowned flamenco artists, Amir John Haddad "El Amir" presents his new album "9 Guitarras" in "EL AMIR" Solo Tour.

A flamenco guitar CD with Mediterranean and oriental flavor. Nine original compositions, composed, produced and arranged by "El Amir". Each recorded with a different guitar built by the most recognized and prestigious guitar luthiers of the last forty years. It is "El Amir's" tribute to all guitar builders and to the flamenco guitar itself.

His music is based on the fusion of languages starting from traditional flamenco, always looking for a personal way to express. An album full of vivacity, freshness, maturity and mastery, in which "El Amir" introduces the Greek bouzouki as well the Arabic oud, two of the various instruments which he skillfully dominates.

Strolling through the different characteristic palos of flamenco like Rondena, Taranta, Mining, Solea and Bulerias
"El Amir" delights us with its sensitivity, maturity and creativity. A great opportunity to hear the flamenco guitar and enjoy it in its most pure sense.

"El Amir" plays original compositions in which we can appreciate its technical clarity, mastery of rhythm and flamenco sensibility. "El Amir" makes ajourney through Andalusian geography and culture with his music and gives us a personal touch with his particular vision of the flamenco guitar.

A recital that satisfies all expectations leaving us an exquisite musical taste.




Amir-John HaddadAmir-John HaddadAmir-John HaddadAmir-John Haddad


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Suena el Viento

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


Al Mawsili

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


Dos Palomas Vuelan

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


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from new CD release - 9 Guitarras

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras

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