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This project aims to structure the local networks, to encourage mobility and exchange of expertise within ACP regions and at a EU/ACP level.

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This project aims to structure the local networks, to encourage mobility and exchange of expertise within ACP regions and at a EU/ACP level, to structure the economy of the field, to accompany professionalization, and to improve local and international visibility of professionals from ACP regions.
Through the association of partners from different backgrounds from ACP regions, the project creates, supports and strengthens exchange and cooperation between these regions and professionals gathered within a network.

The main steps of the projects are:

Collecting professional practices in ACP regions by the local professional networks: with a survey, every participating festival will gather information on the field in its country, and identify professionals for its own network as well as their training needs.

Creation of the ACP music festivals network: born officially at the Womex 2009, where all partners have been gathered together. Partners and professionals from their networks were included within the Zone Franche network of professionals.

Every of the 7 festivals will organize workshops and a training programme for professionals beside of its edition 2010 .
Among other things, partners will identify players from their regions who have a great development potential, especially on the international field and who will be invited to do a training period during the WOMEX 2010 on international markets access.

Creation of professional encounters on festivals: during the edition in 2011 of each festival, every partner will gather its local professional network together and the other participating ACP festivals during the festival to create professional encounters like "local markets".

Artistic focuses in 2011/circulation of the artists at an international level: the partners will have a logistical support so that they can put artists forward for the Womex 2011 with an ACP showcase night among others or during the 2011 edition of festivals participating in the project.

The project is an EU-ACP Support Programme to cultural industries in ACP countries.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009


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