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"Bastard ethno" from Copenhagen since 2002. 5 albums, 3 Danish Grammies and 600+ shows worldwide. Serious musicianship and excellent live shows.

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Winners of the Danish Music Awards for "Best World Album of the Year" and "Contemporary Folk Artist", AFENGINN formed in Copenhagen in 2002, and has since built up a world wide reputation for their virtuosity and dynamic live shows. Ranging from lyrical, cinematic compositions to charismatic and wild dance tunes, there is always a rhythmic and melodic finesse which is distinctively Afenginn. Featuring mandolin, clarinets, drums, bass, cello and violin, they describe their style as 'Bastard Ethno'. UK magazine fRoots described them as "shockingly good, with imaginations and technique that won't quit. If there's justice, they'll be huge."

Inquisitive, playful and imaginative, this acclaimed Danish 5-piece takes an anarchic approach to traditional musical structures. Meaning "intoxication and strength", Afenginn shows are fuelled by a deep joy, a mesmerising peacefulness and poise, and always seek to cross borders and push limits.

A profound fascination with the world’s many musical cultures and the desire to create their own version of world music have been Afenginn's the driving force. Critics have described their 2013 album 'LUX' as “a focused and nostalgic masterpiece”, and “unique sound-poetry”. LUX captures the porosity and meditative ambience of light.

“Afenginn is a band which delivers a unique experience. They master the deep-felt Nordic blues and intelligent musical progressions, where no form of rhythm seems impossible and is added on the fly with breathtaking virtuosity. One moment they play with subdued beauty, only to raise hell the next creating an ubridled celebration in which everyone is dancing their own dance with a band that is truly… unique.” 6 out of 6 stars : GAFFA magazine.

Afenginn has made appearances In Europe, USA/Canada, Asia and Australia and held audiences of all ages in the palms of their hands, often receiving standing ovations for their shows.

Kim Nyberg: Mandolin
Niels Skovmand: Violin
Rasmus Kroyer: Clarinets
Erik Olevik: Bass, cello
Rune Kofoed: Drums


Official videoclip “Iguana Segregatis” :
"Waldhotel Solitaire" (in studio) :
"Paxima" (live) :
Live at Roskilde :
INTERVIEW (2014) :

CHOIRNEVALE (concert in Germany) :

Apart from our five-piece show, Afenginn has fantastic choir-project called “Choirnevale”.
Afenginn arranges their original compositions especially so their music can be performed with a community choir and marimba. Afenginn forwards charts to local choirs, who prepare before meeting the band. Following some brief workshops and rehearsals, the combine and present a live concert.
“The great part is that we’ll be able to tour it, working with different choirs in different parts of the world,” says Nyberg.

Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
Tønder Festival (Denmark)
Urkult Festival (Sweden)
Vossa Jazz (Norway)
By:Larm (Norway)
Etnosoi Festival (Finland)
G! Festival (Faroe Islands)

St. Gallen Open Air (Switzerland)
Dranouter Festival (Belgium)
Klezmore Festival (Austria)
TradIt Festival (Netherlands)
World Village Festival (Estonia)

Penang World Music Festival (Malaysia)
SXSW (Austin, USA)
DaNy Arts (New York, USA)
Cygnet Folk Festival (Australia)
Illawarra Folk Festival (Australia)

"They've developed into a world class eccentric group, even though there's little of Denmark in their sound. Take them for what they are, which is wonderful, and enjoy. Pure madness." ~ Sing Out!

"They're shockingly good, with imaginations and technique that won't quit. If there's justice, they'll be huge."
~ fRoots

"Original supershow! Afenginn delivered, and much more. Much much more."
~ Live review from Roskilde Festival





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  • Afenginn

    date:07 Nov 2012 - 01 Dec 2012
    area:Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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    area:Northern Europe (DK, DE, NO, CH, SE)
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  • Afenginn

    date:09 Jan 2014 - 18 Jan 2014

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