"Las Tres Orillas del Atlántico" - Fandango, Duende y Taraf

Fandango, Duende y Taraf
Fandango, Duende y Taraf. CD COVE
  • artist:Fandango, Duende y Taraf
  • featured artist:Fandango, Duende y Taraf
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):World
  • formats:CD-ROM,
  • record submitted by:Alebrije
  • label:Alebrije
  • publisher:Alebrije
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Fandango Duende y Taraf is a space-and-time synthesis of Mudejar music, which stems from the legacy of Al Andalus and the common roots of the Flamenco-Andalusian, Arab-Andalusian and Mexican musical traditions.

Fandango Duende y Taraf is made up of four exceptional musicians, each steeped in different traditions, whose combined talent gave rise to Las Tres Orillas del Atlántico (The Three Shores of the Atlantic), a CD that reflects and summarizes the playful and mystic essences of the fandango, which follows the son jarocho tradition of Veracruz, Mexico, the duende of the Flamenco-Andalusian tradition, and the taraf, stemming from the Arab-Andalusian tradition.

The result is an interweaving of Afro-mestizo and Arab-Andalusian sounds, which are strongly linked to Mexican music, whose roots have drawn from and been enriched by different influences throughout its history

Abdelmjid Moutana Moroccan lute

Angel Chacón Spanish guitar, vihuela and jarana jarocha

Armando Montiel Percussion

J. Cristóbal Pérez Grobet Double bass and electric bass

Gerardo Bátiz Music producer