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Line up

  • Dolf Huybers (Drums)
  • Jon Staekenborg (Trumpet)
  • Kay Krijnen (accordion)
  • Merel Simons (Vocals)
  • Robet Koomen (Bass)
  • Simon Kelaita (Tenor Sax)


Amariszi blends the Balkan influence within their music in an inventive way a refreshing mix of pop, reggae, folk and swing. Original compositions with feel-good arrangements create an accessible music attracting a wide audience: this approach has helped the group acquire a respected position within the Balkan scene. Merel Simons' clear timbre and beautiful expressiveness is an outstanding contribution that undoubtedly attracts attention. The Amariszi line-up of bass & drums, guitar, horn section and accordion creates exciting music and their appearance, animation and enthusiasm makes every performance a party