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The major roots label from the Netherlands, specialising in folk, klezmer, world, blues and other tradition based music from around the world.


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The major roots label from the Netherlands, specialising in folk, klezmer, world, blues and other tradition based music from around the world.

A new label is born in 2007: Saphrane. Next to our existing labels Saphrane is focusing on world, jazz and classical music and the exciting fusions between these genres. Also the packaging is very stylish, giving the label a distinguishable outlook. Releases include Amina Alaoui (arabo-andalusian), Renato Borghetti (Brazil), Umbral (Uruguay), Pablo Ziegler/Quique Sinesi (nuevo tango/jazz) and Tutu Puoane (south african jazz singer).

In 2000 we introduced five new labels:
• MW Records: dedicated to contemporary folk and singer-songwriters
• Red White 'n Blues: dedicated to blues, cajun and other american styles
• Zimbraz: dedicated to african-caribbean music
• Fréa Records: dedicated to european music (folk, klezmer)
• Papyros: dedicated to asian music

Expected releases fall 2011/spring 2012: Abdelli, Ritmo Natural, Mikea.

New releases since 2007 include Amina Alaoui, Ghalia Benali, Amanda Strydom, Renato Borghetti, Shira u'tfila, Klemzatics, Klezmokum, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, a.o.

New releases in 2007 include: Farida, Mohammad Gomar, Tutu Puoane, Pablo Ziegler & Quique Sinesi.

New releases in 2006 include Shura Lipovosky, Di Fidl-Kapelye, Hussein Al A'dhami, Munnelly-Flaherty-Masure.

New releases in 2004 include: David Munnelly, Mazzeltov (new album), Luthomania (new album), Tatouages.

New releases in 2003 include: Tiharea (second album, showcase on Womex), Jamil As Asadi & Muniryat, Namgyal Lhamo (from Gang Chenpa), Värttinä, Labryenco, Rhythm Bombs.

New releases in 2002 include Al Harmoniah, Värttinä, Niamh Parsons, Lunasa, Mazzeltov, Kálmán Urszui & Nello Mirando, Anirban Dasgupta & Sandip Bhattacharya, etc.

New releases in 2001 include Captain Gumbo, Last Call, Luthomania, Ifang Bondi, The International Cimbalom Festival, Gjallarhorn, Värttinä, Lúnasa, etc.

Still around
• -I-C-U-B4-T-: self produced albums featuring blues, world, etc.

Some of the more recent releases include: Fling, Di Gojim, Gerard van Maasakkers, Kasha Nasha, JZ Gipsy Swing Trio, Louisiana Men, Sheng a.o.

new releases in 2002: Rhythm Bombs, Frans Tromp, Javier Rodriguez

new releases: Fling, David Vos, Benkshaft, etc.

• Dig It!: our non-traditional label, featuring pop, spoken word, etc.

'A slightly eccentric catalogue, but with some fine discs in their Folk Classics and World Roots Series' (Rough Guide to World Music 2nd Edition)

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"Destiny" - Abdelli

"Walking to Kashi" - CaravanSarail

"Amsterdam" - Mazzeltov

"Amankay" - Amankay

"Swing" - David Munnelly

"Al Hal" - Roudaniyat

"Whenever" - Munnelly-Flaherty-Masure

"Departure" - Farida & Iraqi Maqam Ensemble

"Jozza & Jazz" - Mohammad Gomar

"Maqams in Divine Enchantment" - Hussein Al A'dhami

"Trumpets for Di Fidl-Kapelye" - Di Fidl-Kapelye

"Tsart" - Shura Lipovsky

"Buenos Aires Report" - Pablo Ziegler & Quique Sinesi

"Itinérances" - Luthomania

"Comas" - Comas

"Gumbo nr. 5" - Captain Gumbo

"Périples" - Luthomania

"Live" - Ifang Bondi

"Shaabi Jazz" - Al Harmoniah

"Ry Ampela" - Tiharea

"By Heck" - David Munnelly & Friends

"Kasaï" - Tatouages

"Toeters & Bellen" - Gerard van Maasakkers

"WATER & WIJN" - Water & Wijn feat. Wannes Van de Velde

"Ticking Again" - The Kharkov Klezmer Band

"Mishpoge" - Mazzeltov

"Duende Y Amores" - Amparo Corés

"Boogie witcha'" - Last Call