Fanfare Ciocarlia
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Fanfare Ciocarlia


taken from Gili Garabdi
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Line up

  • Constantin Calin (Tenor horn)
  • Constantin Cantea (Tuba)
  • Costel Ursu (Large Drum)
  • Costica Trifan (lead trumpet and vocal)
  • Craciun Ovidiu Trifan (trumpet)
  • Dan Ionel Ivancea (Alto Saxophon)
  • Laurentiu Ivancea (Bariton horn)
  • Monel Trifan (tuba)
  • Oprica Ivancea (Alto Saxophon, clarinet)
  • Paul Benedikt Stehlescu (Percussion)
  • Paul Marian Bulgaru (solo trumpet)
  • Radulescu Lazar (trumpet and vocal)


Fanfare Ciocarlia are a 24-legged brass beast whose eastern funk groove has torn up halls and festivals across the planet. Their energy and ingenuity having won them fans from Melbourne to Memphis, Tokyo to Toulouse. Having learnt their craft at the feet of their fathers and grandfathers Fanfare's members proudly approach every concert as a challenge to both entertain audiences and keep the true spirit of Gypsy music alive. Fanfare Ciocarlia went on to conquer the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Gypsies may only have spoken their local Romany dialect but their music spoke an international language and audiences responded to their fierce Balkan funk by turning concerts into parties. What Fanfare Ciocarlia played was something new. The Times of London described it as "a heavy, heavy monster sound" and Fanfare's recordings have taken their eerie Balkan groove into dance clubs across the planet.


2016 Vinyl "20"
2016 CD "Onwards to mars!"
2014 CD "Devil's Tale"
2011 CD "Balkan Brass Battle"
2009 CD-DVD "LIVE"
2009 Vinyl "Best Of Gypsy Brass"
2007 CD "Queens and Kings"
2005 CD "Gili Garabdi"
2004 DVD "Gypsy Brass Legends""
2001 CD "Iag Bari"
1999 CD "Baro Biao"
1998 CD "Radio Pascani"

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