Colours Promotion, s.r.o.

Colours Promotion aim is to settle the top Czech world music bands´ positions on music market abroad and present Czech music to foreign audience.

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Colours Promotion agency established the project succesfully on the world music scene a few years ago. Afterwards, the agency decided to expand its scope and started to cooperate with the leading Czech bands, mostly from the field of world music. Colours Promotion aim is to broaden and secure the bands´ positions on music markets abroad and present Czech music to foreign audiences.

Colours Promotion is run by people with long experience in international music management and promotion, who are also well established on the music scene in the Czech republic. Artists represented by our agency are both succesful and respected at home and cover a wide variety of different music styles.

Colours Promotion works closely with the best independent label in the Czech Republic, Indies Scope Records.

GIPSY.CZ - Internationally, the most successful Czech band of our times. A cheeky combination of hip hop, gipsy music, r´n´b, pop and many other influences, Gipsy.Cz have been astounding people from Glastonbury to Ljubljana, from Lisbon through Kiev and on to Ulsan in Korea. Excellent singer, rapper, composer, and all-round entertainer Radoslav "Gipsy" Banga, along with experienced and famous Czech gipsy violinist and singer Vojta Lavicka, serve up this unique energy cocktail for your joy and pleasure, with more than just a little help from the young, traditionally schooled gipsy musicians, the Surmaj brothers.
Booking in Benelux: Earth Beat, Jerome Williams,

CANKISOU - Cankisou draw their inspiration from all around the world. It can be the influence of the biggest brassband on the Indian subcontinent, Sufi & Pakistani music, songs from the Mongolian Steppe, Balkan or Romanian folk songs, but there´s always one common link: the riveting rhythms. These wild rhythms and positive energy, performed on a rich collection of exotic instruments make audiences dance with delight from Réunion island in the Indian ocean to Pakistan and all around Europe. On the last CD, Lé La, Pakistani singer Sain Zahoor appears as a guest. During their almost 10 years in existence, Cankisou has become one of the top world music bands in the Czech republic.

TRABAND - Jarda Svoboda has toured Europe extensively with his wild brass music. But now his band has set forth upon a new direction: lyrical chanson imbued with spirituality and Jarda's harmonium as the key instrument. Traband now seek their inspiration in the home landscape. For them world music is changing to home music.

CZECHOMOR - There is no substitute for Czechomor. Deeply rooted in the village music of their native Czechia, they’ve been taking the ancient Moravian folk songs with their Celtic echoes to wider audiences, both at home and abroad. The band takes full advantage of its unique location on the map of Europe, drawing their power from both Eastern and Western sources. Breton "fest-noz" meets the passionate dances of the wild East, a mixture which successfully rocks audiences everywhere they visit.

HRADISTAN - Originally a folklore band lead by Jura Pavlica, Hradistan transformed into an ensemble that blends a wide range of music from the folkloric to the spiritual through ethnic, theater and classical music. At heart, folklore remains the source of their inspiration, its philosophical nature well preserved.

NJOREK - The band is a trio of experienced musicians, who bring a fresh perspective to Czech and Moravian folk music. Czech rock´n´roll legend, singer and cello player Jaroslav "Olin" Nejezchleba is deeply connected to his Moravian roots, while Michal Müller ranks amongst the most progressive zither players of the world, as well as being a deeply expressive singer. Together, with guitar player Stanislav Barek, Njorek mix roots music with rock and blues feelings and their colorful, strictly acoustic music brings energy and joy to their audiences.

MICHAL MÜLLER - Michal Müller, the only classically trained Czech zither player, graduated in 2001 from the conservatory of Vienna. He rates as one of the most progressive zither players in the world and is well known for his personal and expressive approach to the instrument. He incorporates classical compositions into his work. But, mostly, his own pieces are based principally on folk motifs, as well as blues, jazz, world music and free improvisation. He is also known for his collaborations with musicians from a variety of music genres, his enriching participation in the "MAGIC ZITHER" magic instrument project at the World Music Festival TFF, Rudolstadt 2004, being one of the most significant.

RIDINA AHMEDOVA - Ridina’s one woman concerts reveal many voices. Ridina Ahmedova performs with just a sampler that enables her to provide real time voice loops and layers. Her vocal compositions and improvisations unwind in a spiral. The famous musician Bobby McFerrin chose Ridina Ahmedova as one of his guests at his concert in Prague in May 2008. Their duet was truly amazing, a meeting of brother and sister in voice. Ridina also runs successful voice workshops.

An original ensemble presenting a connection between live drum'n'bass, jazz and experimental improvisation. Their concerts are entertaining and energetic trips through musical history, taking the rawest from it and going beyond in a very fresh manner. Human voice, trumpet, keyboards and drums are partners on the stage
in the true meaning of the word equal.

Jablkon is a legendary band formed 30 years ago. Their music is often called the creative meeting of J.S.Bach and a caveman. New and younger members have come into the band during the years, joining the soul of the band from the original line-up - Michal Nemec. The central figure on the stage, Michal is a giant of a singer contrasted
by the rollicking and pulsating charm of female sax player and singer Anika Duchacova, a permanent guest of the band. Jablkon of today has absorbed the influences of various contemporary musical streams. However, their music remains unique and inimitably enticing.

No-one throws a dj party like Scratchy. The renown dj who toured or cooperated with the legendary Clash, Ramones, Iggy Pop, Pogues, Blondie or Gogol Bordello, Scratchy still has his finger on the rockin dance pulse, bringing together an irresistible blend of rocknroll, reggae and roma, a true mestizo mix of the greatest music on the planet, from and for all times.


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