"Beches Brew" - Bengt Berger

Finally Bengt Berger has managed to get a band together that conveys all his charateristics as composer, musician and band leader: The modal, the ethnic, the melodies, rhythms, the oldfashioned, avante garde, odd meters, humour and seriousness, chastity and sex, childishness, wisdom and senility, in a word: BECHES BREW.

With Thomas Gustafsson, soprano and tenor saxophones (slightly to the right)
Lindha Kallerdahl, voice
Jonas Knutsson, soprano- alto and baritone saxophones (slightly to the left), percussion
Sigge Krantz, sound
Max Schultz, guitar, banjo, bass and voice
Mats Öberg, keyboard, harmonica and voice
Bengt Berger, drums and percussion

In the downloadable format two bonus tracks are included: an alternative long live version of Simon Says and a short studio version of Sperings Gånglåt.


Bengt Berger


Max Schultz, guitar, banjo, bass, voice Lindha Kallerdahl, voice Mats Öberg, keyboards, harmonica, voice Jonas Knutsson and Thomas Gustafsson, saxophones Bengt Berger, drums Bengt Berger - press photo Beches Brew - album cover

Track List

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New Gyil

Tune inspired by the ko-gyil xylophone from Ghana


Simon Says

Modal thoughtful jazz

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