• country:Iran
  • region:Middle East
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Alternative
  • label:Eastgah Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Small Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, string, woodwind, singer songwriter, pop group, piano, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Eastgah Music

Line up

  • Kaveh Salehi (Guitar)
  • Mahyar Tahmasebi (Cello)
  • Omid Nemati (Vocal)
  • Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz (Clarinet, Saxophone)


Pallett was established in 2009 in Tehran by Omid Nemati (Vocals) and Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz (Clarinet). Prior to its inception, every band member accompanied each other in various projects from small or big concerts to music for movies and theaters and so on.

Pallett’s debut album, “Mr. Violet,” was released on January 2013 to huge critical success, breaking the record for most sold album in Iran.“Tehran, Smile!” their second album was released two years later. “Endless Ending,” Pallett’s only EP until today, was released in February 2017, which contained a DVD of live material alongside their audio tracks. The title track was an original song composed for the TV series “Lisanseha.”
Pallett has composed several pieces for Iranian theater and Cinema. “The Unfinished Story of A Suspended Season”, written and directed by Hooman Seyedi, and “Fish and Cat” directed by Shahram Mokri are just a few of the projects they have worked on. Through an international project, called Do Re Mi Fair Play the band performed several live shows in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup. The band has performed and toured widely in Tehran, across Iran, and throughout the world and has participated in several festivals in Germany, Italy, and France. Pallett has collaborated with Tarab Band, Dutch drummer and composer Robbert van Holzen, and German singer and composer Gisbert Zu Knyphausen.