Magnanimus Trio

Magnanimus Trio


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Line up

  • Christos Barbas ( Piano, Ney, Kaval, Voice)
  • Dimitris Tasoudi (Drums, Piano, Electronics, Marimba, Percussion)
  • Pavlos Spyropoulos ( Double Bass)


Magnanimus Trio is weaving their own musical world, combining threads from the world’ s musics, minimalism, jazz, classical & improvised genres.

The trio’ s musicians have collaborated with one of the best musicians in their field: John Taylor (England), Erkan Ogur, Murat Aydemir & Derya Turkan (Turkey), Ζohar Fresco (Israel), Ross Daly (Greece), Zezo Olimpio (Brasil), Efrén Lopez (Spain) amongst many others.

Magnanimus Trio has recorded 3 albums with original music:

A Cue (2010)
Still Time (2012)
No Time (2015) (to be released soon)