GUZZ - Improve your Music

GUZZ - Improve your Music
Music Accessories Design

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Dear friend,

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to our new guitar pick, the s3.

The s3 is the first pick in the world with wich you can play with any of the 3 sides, producing a different sound from each.

So with the s3 you can play with 3 sides of the pick, two sides are for playing rhythm,
and one side is for playing solo.
(The s3 has been internationally patented by GUZZ)

The s3 guitar pick has been created trying to achieve two things:

1.- The best sound from acoustic and electric guitars.

2.- Versatility.

We are so proud of the s3 guitar pick results and now we hope you like our work. It has been made with love, patience and thinking only about how to produce the best guitar sound with just a pick...just a pick? Not now, we promise.

The s3 works as Acoustic guitar pick, Jazz Pick, Gypsy Jazz Pick, Folk Pick and Electric Guitar Pick.

We are working on different projects for musicians like the GUZZ Le Capo, the GUZZ Pro Tuner, The Stringer Pro... all our staff are musicians and our products are tested by
important musicians (who do not work for GUZZ, to maintain an objective and independent point of view).

GUZZ invests, as part of its philosophy, part of its profits in promoting music bands and musicians(GUZZ WP & Management).

Enjoy the experience, we are confident that when you learn to get its full potential, the s3 will be your pick forever. (See "Holding the s3" for more details about how the s3 works).

From musicians, to musicians

Best regards.

J. Guzman
GUZZ Director


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GUZZ - Improve your Music

Dear friend, We are delighted to be able to...

GUZZ - Improve your Music

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