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From our first album released 22/09
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Live session 2017
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  • country:France
  • region:Occitania
  • style(s):Traditional, Contemporary
  • label:PAGANS
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, string
  • artist submitted by:Hart Brut

Line up

  • Clémence Cognet (violin, voice, shruti box, rebec)
  • Noëllie Nioulou (cello, violin)
  • Pairbon (doublebass, percussions, boha, drone box, voice)
  • Tomàs Baudoin (voice, tambourin, boha, shrutti box, rebec, perc)


Aronde is a balance between two strong identities, two musical universes : on one side Clémence Cognet and Noëllie Nioulou, on the other Thomas Baudoin and Romain Colautti, long time players of the traditionnal musics from Auvergne (Centre of France) and Gascony (South-west). Exploring two traditions looking distant, Aronde, mixing them with style, sounding natural.
Salvador Dali may have seen here the perfect illustration of his « Catastrophes series », with a touch of Terry Riley’s loops, looping and looping, drawing the outline of the music but never loosing its roots.

Last gigs : COMDT in Toulouse, Fête des Violons Populaires in Sauve, Fête du Bois at Lucq de
Béarn, festival Boulegan a l'Ostal in Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Les Volcaniques in Saint-Bonnet-près-
Riom, Ostau dau País Marselhés in Marseille, festival Eurofonik in Nantes, Le Son Continu...

1st album in june 2017


"Aronde" - Aronde