La Nave Bruja / Ojos de Brujo

LA NAVE BRUJA is a quintet band conceived to pay tribute to the OJOS DE BRUJO repertoire and formed by 3 founder musicians of this band.

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LA NAVE BRUJA – Ojos de Brujo

The OJOS DE BRUJO founder musicians in quintet.

Ramón, Xavi and Panko, founding members of the legendary OJOS DE BRUJO, are back again with LA NAVE BRUJA: a more compact and practical version, but still featuring the same astonishing power and a whole new dynamic on stage.

The producers and creators of brand new musical genres (“rumba- buleria funk” and “hip-hop flamenquillo”) that took the world by storm in the early 2000’s are taking off with their ¨Wizard’s Spaceship¨, LA NAVE BRUJA, paying tribute to those songs that served as the sound track of change for the decade and opened up a whole new generation of musicians to the possibilities of flamenco fusion.

The powerful feeling of Xavi’s cajón along with Ramon’s signature guitar attack and Panko’s scratches % synth alchemy were, and are again, the heartbeat and the essence of the band.

The duende of the amazing dancer, Violeta Barrio, and the swing of Sandra’s bass, give the final fascinating touch to this magic setup.

Their main repertoire is made up of very best rumbas, timeless tangos, and wild buleria experiments from the first 3 OJOS DE BRUJO albums, vital music that lives on in the hearts of generations of world music fans around the globe, a sonic call to action that makes you want to get up and never stop dancing.

With Ojos de Brujo they won, among many other awards and nominations:
BBC 2003 Award for best World Music European Band
Latin Grammy for best Flamenco Album (Techarí) in 2006
Premios de la Música Best of 2007 tour.

Ramón Giménez: vocalist and flamenco guitar.
Xavi Turull: cajón, percussion set and vocals.
DJ Panko; vocalist, scratches, synth, palmas and bongo
Sandra Turull; bass and vocals.
Violeta Barrio; flamenco dancer, vocals and palmas.

VJ Mongo, with his weird and wonderful video visuals, makes the perfect extra option for a sextet.

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