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200-1028, Du Rivage, Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu
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Quebec folk heroes mixed French-Canadian history and traditional tunes. Rousing & classy.

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company description

Renowned as wonderful ambassadors of la Francophonie, Le Vent du Nord is also acknowledged as an influential force and key player in Quebec’s traditional folk music revival. Since the group’s founding in 2002, the band has racked up several prestigious awards, including 2 JUNOS (Canada’s Grammys), 1 Grand Prix du Disque CHARLES CROS (France), 2 Canadian Folk Music Awards and Artist of the Year at Folk Alliance International’s annual gala.

The band’s musical talents and strong and luminous stage presence are now recognized worldwide (8 albums and more than 1800 concerts across North America, Oceania & Europe). Along with their terrific musicianship Le Vent du Nord have brilliantly connected Quebecois musical tradition to a larger musical world and in doing so have turned lost traditions into new and intense dynamic performances.

"What stands out about the music of this band of longstanding is its power and vitality. Québec couldn’t hope for better advocates of its folk music". Tim Woodall ★ ★ ★ ★‘s Top of the world selection #77, SONGLINE MAGAZINE (UK)

" A rousing, classy set" – Robin Denselow, The Guardian

"Leave a positive feelgood feeling all over the body". – Lars Fahlin, LIRA MAGAZINE (SE)

"Le Vent was a HUGE success … as magnetic to watch as to hear "

"Le Vent du Nord est un des rares groupes québécois, un contingent restreint qui regroupe autant Arcade Fire, les Lost Fingers, Godspeed You Black Emperor, qui tourne surtout à l’international. Avec raison. Ce cd en expose une fois de plus les motifs de brillante manière. Sur toute la ligne, 53 minutes de pur bonheur. EXCELLENT.» ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 – Jean Beauchesne, Journal de Québec

"Just between us, may we say that Le Vent du Nord is THE best traditional Francophone band in this country?" Plaisirs Therrien ESPACE MUSIQUE/CBC RADIO

"Exceptionally skilled, exceptionally experienced, and exceptionally entertaining” — SING OUT!




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