Des Ano


Des Ano feels at home, where the rest would never dare to go. Max Gruber and his colleagues work along and beyond the borders of the abyss of the famous Viennese black humour.
Opposed to others they explore them relentlessly and don’t hesitate to show their results mercilessly to their audience. As Des Ano investigate the unknown corners in the field of Viennese music, they use modern tools as rhythmically articulated poetry (RAP) together with Schrammeln and electronic music.

Christine Grän, Süddeutsche Zeitung: A mix of lyric and Viennese Schmäh, rap and waltz. Simply terrific.

Klaus Harpprecht, Die Zeit: The Viennese mentality with its mourning, melancholy and musicality, the lurking and biting meanness, seems to have found its own new poet.

Mirjam Jessa: Pictures get stuck in your head, stories are imprinted to your memory. One goes to a Des Ano-concert at his own risk.

Max Gruber: Voice
Peter Havlicek: Contraguitar, Vocals
Traude Holzer: Vocals
Claus Riedl: Violin, Beats
Walther Soyka: Harmonica