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Line up

  • Dhruv Sangari (Vocals)
  • Gennady Lavrentiev (Violin & guitar)
  • Lionel Dentan (Synth, computer and instruments)
  • Suchet Malhotra (Percussions)


Featuring numerous instrumentalists, singers and percussionists Da-Saz is a collective formed in 1999 by Swiss born Lionel Dentan. Da-Saz aims to create a platform for new styles of urban music and traditional forms through recorded albums and live performances.

'Jet Lag', was a project started in 2004 with the idea to create a bridge between different poles, Orient/Occident, electro/acoustic. Envisioned as an eclectic combination of Sufi, Punjabi folk and poetic lyricism interlaced with electronic beats and harmony, 'Jet Lag', is perhaps the most progressive Da-Saz project till date. Fronted by Lionel Dentan (synthesizers, computers, instruments and mix) and the vocal prowess of Dhruv Sangari (trained Hindustani classical and Qawali style), Gennady Lavrentiev (violin and guitar), Suchet Malhotra (on percussion) and the engineering genius of David Scrufari. A seven-song album features numerous musicians from Russia, Switzerland, Spain and India.

With a small studio set up in New Delhi, India and the help of Da-Saz, many musicians came together to compose and play on this CD. As many as six different nationalities and nearly as many religions joined in over six months living together, playing, composing, etc.

David Scrufari, began composing, 'Jet Lag 'in March 2004, It then was taken to Switzerland to add a small acoustic orchestra with Swiss Musicians and arranged by Laurent Weber. The whole work idea is Multicultural. From different horizons we tried to symbiose all our cultures and backgrounds to generate an electro/acoustic sound texture.