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'Dekh-Ke, Dekhne Ka Naya Tarika', is an album in support of Literacy India, an organization committed to working towards the upliftment and education of underprivileged children in northern India, Gurgaon.

Supported by philharmonic entertainment Pvt. Ltd. the executive producers for the album, 'Dekh-Ke, Dekhne Ka Naya Tarika' is the debut venture by music director, Bonnie Chakraboborty and a guild of music producers working together to create a musical platform known as the Bhronmor meaning whirlwind in Bengali.

This production is a musical confluence of traditional Indian folk styles including Bhojpuri, Neergun, Chaita, Sufi, Qawwali and Baul (Bengali folk) merged with Indian classical and Indian film elements. The lyrics on the album are sung in Purabiya, a dialect that comprises essential elements of various Indian dialects including Bihari, U.P. (Utttar Pradeshi) and Hindi. Together, this new style of music aims to create a global musical vernacular, a new idiom in itself

The album narrates the journey of an artist into the realization of hope and promise present within every underprivileged child.

A number of renowned artists/musicians and singers from around the globe have contributed their talents to this project.