"Tuva_ Rock" - Yat-Kha

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Batten down the hatches and tighten your saddle straps,there's a storm in the east. BBC World Music Award winners Yat-Kha are quite simply the most refreshing and startling phenomenon to happen to 'world music' in some time.Led by Albert Kuvezin, they combine the smouldering khoomej throat singing of the Siberian steppe with an awesome hard rock sensibility that pitches it's tent somewhere between the Zepp and Sonic Youth.

"Tuva.Rock " is Yat Kha`s third release and raises the bar once again in a market place full of worthy and half-hearted fusions and collaborations. This is genuinely passionate, gas-guzzling, thunderous music that refuses to be ignored,from a band brimful of confidence, belief and bluster.



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Tuva_ Rock

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