cover of the first album
  • country:Poland
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • style(s):Fusion, Acoustic
  • label:Unzipped Fly
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Unzipped Fly Records & Management

Line up

  • Alpago Polat (ney)
  • Asja (vocal)
  • Hubert Zemler (drums, percussions)
  • Jakub Borysiak (clarinet)
  • Karol Czajkowski (guitars, electronica)
  • Łukasz Wójcicki (vocal, didjeridoo, udu)
  • Wojtek Traczyk (double bass)


Alamut is at present one of the most artistically exciting and inspiring musical projects in Poland. The band consists of highly acclaimed and talented alternative-jazz musicians, among whom the beautiful lead singer and her mesmerizing voice deserve particular attention.
The band is in fact a celebration of a meeting, a common narrative, focus on and meditation over the colours of the world in deepest rapture. The concerts often turn into a trans-like ritual, whose tension gradually rises from subtle introduction, through a catharsis-like emotional culminating point to a reposeful finish. The formal structure of the concerts is characterized by the performers' open and free expression, which moves their repertoire closer to the genre of ethno free jazz. Despite the adopted form, it is still essentially ethnic music, although coupled with elements of jazz improvisation, swing and rock energy.


"Alamut" - Alamut