Turlitawa Shutka

Turlitawa Shutka
Turlitawa Shutka
Romano Chavo - Cover
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Electronic, Gypsy
  • label:Chat Chapeau
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Chat Chapeau

Line up

  • Iwan Harlan (electronics & voc)
  • Marcus Scheltinga  (trombone)
  • Mustafa Zekirov (bouzouki, oud, git, voc)
  • Ramis Rasid (accordeon, voc)
  • Reiner Witzel (woodwind)
  • Selman Sezek (perc)


Mighty electric stew from "Germazedonia"

With Turlitawa Shutka the Macedonian "Singczigan" Mustafa Zekirov and Iwan "Beautiful Noise Wizzard" Harlan from Transgermanien present an Electro-Ethno mix which would do honour to any Emir Kusturica Movie but transfers these gipsy images into the 21st century. This is not tricky DJ-patchwork, here you have avantgarde troubadours making an electrifying dance interpretation of traditional balkan gypsy music. These groove-acrobatics with Mustaf's beautiful wooning cheeky voice-drama, Iwan's spark showering sounds 'n' beats and lyrics which stretch from politics to absurdity making their way out of the Shutka (Europe's biggest gypsy enclave, in which everything seems to be possible) and into the clubs of the gatschos (non-gypsies).

The unusual name Turlitawa Shutka, which at first seems to be a tongue twister, derives itself from a Macedonian stew called "Turlitawa", which could also be translated simply with "mix" and a place named "Shutka", the largest Roma enclave of Europe situated in the Republic of Macedonia.

The formation - domiciled in the Ruhr district - was discovered by the World Music trendsetter and Funkhaus-Europe boss Francis Gay, who classified the song "Romano Chavo" immediately as a "hit" and invited the then virtually unknown band to play at the annual birthday celebration of Funkhaus Europe in Cologne. The sweeping success of the show proved the talent scout right once more and soon Radio Multikulti in Berlin was booking the live-quintett for their annual "Voelkerball". This gig also caused enthusiasm - and Turlitawa Shutka stood their ground in front of the crucial Berlin audience i.a. with the song "Miss Platinum".