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Viale Regione Siciliana 3152 C/o Ass. Cult. Formedonda
90145 Palermo

Folkalab is a collective artistic experience started and based in Palermo, Sicily and it's a permanent musical and multidisciplinary workshop.

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participating in

  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007

company description


a collective artistic experience started and based in Palermo, Sicily, and formed in 2008.

a permanent musical and multidisciplinary workshop which has linked 200 artists, musicians, dj-s, video artists, actors, popular and contemporary dancers.

an exchange and meeting point for artists of different generations and cultures.

based on extemporaneous and transversal "conductions" in which take part music and other art forms.

an elaboration of different kind of conductions which can be easily presented in other places (Festival, mediameeting) by musicians from different countries.

the CD “Glocal Sound Ambient Vision Vol. 1”, the collective production of 2008, which is the results of 20 conductions, 25 hours of live audio and video recordings, lessons and workshops.

an open network which wants to spread to different international artistic cooperations.

FolkaLab wants:

to involve musicians and artists of other countries and interact with.

to spread the Folkalab network and the movement of the connected artists.

to propose our models of conduction inside festival programs, performing workshops involving musicians from the festival area.

to come in contact with organizers, festival managers and promoters.

to promote the individual projects of the musicians of the Folkalab network.

to involve cultural and administrative institutions in order to support and promote the circulation of this project.

to promote the artistic exchange and invite artists and musicians from other countries in festivals and events promoted and supported by FolkaLab (Contemporary Agorà - Sicily; Landscapes of Sounds - Tuscania).




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