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  • phone: +1 604 488 91 53
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company description

Mainstage Management is a Canadian artist management company, offering professional services to independent musicians. Mainstage grew out of Festival Distribution, one of Canada’s best-known distributors of independent folk, blues, jazz and world music. This experience, expertise and established networks in the music industry made for a natural evolution to providing management services for Canadian artists and Mainstage Management was born.

In January of 1999, Canadian folk musician and songwriter James Keelaghan joined Mainstage Management and became its first client. Keelaghan, a well-established well-organized, busy musician needed business and artistic management support. James had a longstanding relationship with Festival Distribution, and Mainstage was a natural fit.

Jack Schuller and Gerald Dragomir of Dragomir – Lui Accounting founded the company and are the owners. Their goal is to provide independent Canadian artists the kind of support that is available to small businesses. Mainstage uses financial and career-planning strategies to ensure that the work independent artists do is leading to financial security, healthy life styles and a rewarding career.

Mainstage Management keeps their client’s financial records up to date, and applies for grants and immigration documents. The company arranges promotional support for all of their client’s performances, negotiates licensing agreements, seeks publishing opportunities and hires and co-ordinates information to booking agents. Mainstage keeps files up to date with SOCAN, ensures royalties and synchronization agreements are being adhered to, updates and re-works promotional kits as needed and provides any other support necessary for their client.



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