Musicproduction, -label and -publishing, Score, Jingles and more.
Specialised in traditional turkish music and crossover between orient and occident

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This Label based on a concept: From a handmade composition to an award winning production, a jam session to a finished studio recording, a band rehearsal to a large live-show and intern publishing all the way to international or national retailing …. MCY is truly an allround label. It offers a very unique platform for artists. Networking with Singers, Rappers, Songwriters, state of the art producers and musicians while collaborating with entertainment- and artist management as well as label management.

MCY-MUSIC is where Orient meets Occident. Hip Hop meets Classic. Classic meets Lounge, Lounge meets Orient, Latin meets Orient.......everything is possible at MCY´s World.

Projects like: musical collage ARMIDA; intercultural opera pasticcio by Mehmet. C Yesilcay

Also different historical music projects with the PERA ENSEMBLE like Psalms Davids (1 GOD), La Fete du Serail.

Collaboration with Deluxe TV and other media companies.

You can find us also at myspace, facebook, twitter and soundclick.

Projects and releases:

Mocca Lounge
Golden Lounge
MCY -Ex Oriente Lux
Earth Trip
Oriental Pearls
Yasar Akpence- Haremde
Classic goes Lounge
Soul of Istanbul
Cafe Anatolia
Ahmet Özhan
Müzeyen Senar
La Fete du Serail
Safiye-Why do I
Mantra Lounge
Azin feat. Junior Don
Emre Ensemble- Sufimusic
Compilation La Familia
MCY feat. Jade Vallerie

Spaceflight-DVD, Anime with Dolby-Surround production 5.1 (released by Deluxe TV/Shop)

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Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay

Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay


"APARTMENT LOUNGE" - Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay

"Golden Lounge" - Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay