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Cabo San Vicente, 2, Esc. Dcha., 9º A
28924 Alcorcón, Madrid

Mundofonías: "One of the world music radio programs with wider global reach" (World Music Central). Broadcasted on 39 stations and 16 countries.

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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011

company description

Mundofonías is an open-eared and open-minded World and Roots Music radio show which was born and broadcasted on RNE (National Radio of Spain). Mundofonías is now broadcasted on 39 stations in 16 countries, including some of the world major urban areas: Mexico DF, Berlin, Madrid, Hamburg, Lima, La Paz, Tijuana/San Diego, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Montevideo... Mundofonías has also launched its own streaming radio channel: Mundofonías Radio 24h.

Check the radio station map:

Mundofonías' team is also in charge of "En concierto" and "El Palabrero" shows on Radio 5 (Radio Nacional de España).

We also collaborate with RTBF (Belgan French-speaking National Radio) since 2007, currently with the "Musiques ibériques" series of programmes focused on music from the Iberian Peninsula and its islands.

Juan Antonio Vázquez and Araceli Tzigane also run Mapamundi Música agency.

Some quotes about Mundofonías:

"The creators of Mundofonías are smart, dedicated, open-minded and talented. They are producing one of the best programs of music from all over the world. I couldn't recommend it more highly."
Gerald Seligman: Borneo World Music Expo & Indian Ocean Music Market director. National Recording Preservation Board director. WOMEX ex-General Director. UNESCO advisor...

"Mundofonías is a wonderfull contribution to the musical diversity in the world. Their shows introducing unknow and wellknown sounds and artists - always of great quality and along with unic background information, you are collecting through your trips arround the world and in interview with the artists. Since years you open the window for your listeners to music cultures from all continents to improve the cultural understanding through music. Mundofonías is a great example of artistic expressions in the 21th century and one of the highest value media projects in Europe, much appreciated far beyond Spain."
Birgit Ellinghaus: alba KULTUR director, UNESCO advisor, curator of festivals, WOMEX 2014 member of the jury...

"It's so rare to find such a great world music program as Mundofonías. Mundofonias sets great standards: Juan Antonio Vázquez and Araceli Tzigane are incredibly well-organized, deeply knowledgeable, and dedicated. Their programming is powerful. Bravo!"
Evangeline Kim: World Music especialist in National Geographic. Advisor for several institutions.

"Mundofonías is fantastic"
Merlin Shepherd: Músician. Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company & London Shakespeare's Globe Theatre ex-musical director

"I'm a fan of Mundofonías"
Judith Cohen: Musician and ethnomusicologist. Teacher at York University (Toronto). Responsible for the Alan Lomax recordings, Spanish Series. Canadian Society for Musical Traditions ex-Preseident.

"Best show on the radio today"
Torill Faleide. Communication Manager in Førde Festival, Norway

"The beautiful work you do makes me so happy"
Marina Rossell: One of the best Catalan singers ever.

"Mundofonías, not to be missed"
Carlos Bartilotti: Bartilotti Producções & Ollin Kan Portugal Festival director

"Mundofonías is one of the programs made in Spain of any genre with wider reach, with even more than those on nationwide networks."


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