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World Village Association (WVA) is a lively and expanding European platform for open hearts and creative minds, encouraging cultural exchange through

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Our mission is to foster cultural exchange and social development through artistic expression
Our Mission is underpinned by the following values:
We believe that our role is to empower artists and actors in the cultural field
We believe that creativity processes can lead to personal and collective development and allow social integration
We believe in the power of sustainable partnerships to advance our aims to develop cultural exchange
We believe that our role is to democratize lesser known art forms to a wider public
We believe that free spirit, open minded and knowledgeable artists can trigger the change we want to see in today’s challenging world

Global Objectives:
Fostering cultural exchange and social development through artistic expression
Specific Objectives:
Produce contemporary art creations through transnational cooperation.
Allow the mobility of artists and cultivate intercultural dialogue through the creation and circulation of artwork.
Democratize and renew Europe's cultural and musical diversity.
Disseminate cultural heritage and knowledge through pedagogical work and exhibitions.
Achieve professional integration of working artists and empower cultural actors in the European Union on a long-term basis.
Value the European Union Area’s heritage and utilize its cultural exchange potential.

Since 2009, World Village Association has been working on the
organization and development of the following projects:
World Village Social Club: Concerts and Jam Sessions
Afro Beat Workshop (AWS)
Afro Be Collective
Hope Project: Concerts, Pedagogical Exhibitions and Artistic Residencies
Caminos de Europa: European Cultural Exchange Music Project
Master classes and Workshops
Photography workshops
Project leadership and Artistic Management
“Home Studio” Music Creation & Composition
Audiovisual production (CD & DVD)
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