• country:Angola
  • style(s):Afro
  • label:Lusafrica
  • artist posted by:3D Family


Bonga's voice is utterly unmistakable, the trademark of this singer who has been bringing Angolan music to the world since the 1970s. Both artist and political activist, Bonga fell foul of the Portuguese police at the time of the conflicts with Angola. He has always been a symbol of the independence movement. Today, with his group Semba Masters (the semba is a staple rhythm in Bantou music) Bonga sings the beauties of his native land with his rough, melancholic voice. His last album, the fabulous Mulemba Xangola, with its acoustic echoes is a taster of what awaits the audience in his up-beat concerts. There's no way you can stay
sitting down when he gets going.

NOUVEL ALBUM : Maiorais [Lusafrica] mars 2005

La voix rocailleuse et sensuelle de l'Afrique embrase la scène. Originaire d'Angola, Bonga écrit et chante la douleur des amours contrariés, les maux sociaux persistants et l’humiliation de son continent. Sur les rythmes énergiques du semba, base musicale angolaise ancêtre de la samba au Brésil, guitare et accordéon jouent des mélodies élégantes et dansante bardées de nostalgie.