Dez Mona
Album Cover Hilfe Kommt
Gregory & Nicolas: Dez Mona


from the album Hilfe Kommt
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Line up

  • Gregory Frateur (Voice)
  • Nicolas Rombouts (Double Bass)


Dez Mona starts as a duo between double bass player Nicolas Rombouts and vocalist Gregory Frateur. They find themselves in their mutual roots of jazz, drama, experimental music, gospel and spirituals. Shortly after Gregory and Nicolas start writing their own songs. Dez Mona is born.

When recording in 2007 their second album ‘Moments of Dejection or Despondency’ Dez Mona transforms itself from a duo into a quintet. From the jazz barricades Steven Cassiers and Bram Weijters join the band on drums and piano. First partner in crime Roel Van Camp simply can’t be missed and fulfills the new Dez Mona.
The second album is released on the Radical Duke label, set up by DAAU. The press reacts with raving reviews in Belgium

For their third album Dez Mona sign with 62Tv records. The album is called 'Hilfe Kommt' and is released (Benelux) in the fall of 2009.
The band recorded with the help of former Talk Talk bassist & producer Paul Webb, aka Rustin Man (who cowrote and produced the soloalbum by Beth Gibbons' of Portishead). As a producer Paul Webb shares the same passion for the “right sound” as Gregory and Nicolas. The use of the right microphones, analogue tapes and vintage material results in a very rich, deep and emotional sounding album, with attention for every detail their music needs. Mixing is done by Phil Delire, who produced or mixed Bashung, Indochine, Lavilliers, Aubert, Nougaro ...
Gregory Frateur proves more than ever his position as a unique singer. Together with Nicolas Rombouts he forms a rare songwriter duo that develops their talents ever more fluently. The result is a beautiful album that will appeal to fans of Anthony & Johnsons, Nina Simone, Jacques Brel, and Gavin Friday. ‘Hilfe Kommt’ is an album of international top level!