A Filetta


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  • artist:A Filetta
  • featured artist:A Filetta
  • region:Corsica
  • release year:2015
  • style(s):A Cappella, Vocal
  • country:France
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:A Filetta
  • label:A Filetta
  • publisher:World Village
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Castelli …
The castles…
Edifices of the past, places of memory that dominate history but also castles in the sky, sand castles or houses of cards… impermanence.
This new CD resonates like so much questioning of the dream, nostalgia, illusion, utopia, the meaning of life: what is left of everything you have told me ? What is left of everything we have built or perhaps even everything we thought of building ? Are there still gaps to discover, spaces to imagine, other edifices to conceive? Doubtless there are, but above all, let's remain what we are, quite simply... Borges put it well when he wrote: “Deep down I am everything I have lost”!
A Filetta continues its journey and patiently articulates its work through the enriching artistic encounters that have shaped this new collection.
Contrary to the preceding opus (« Di Corsica riposu, requiem for two regards ») which resulted from a commission for the Saint Denis festival, this new production essentially brings together extracts from diverse creations, undertaken for theatre, dance and cinema.