Naziha Azzouz

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  • WOMEX 2009

Naziha Azzouz
Naziha Azzouz was born in Algeria and moved to France at the age of 12. She started singing the old Andalucian music at a very early age, she has studied with great masters like the Algerians Rachid Guerbas and Bahar, the Egyptian oud player Georges Michel who was the oud player of Oum Kalthoum...
In 1998 Naziha has met with Adel , since then they have worked together and recorded 4 CDs, Nuzha, Kanza, Hafla, Rissala.
Naziha has also worked with medieval groups and Jazz. The French newspaper, Le Monde, has described her voice as, "This is no ordinary voice. This voice is coming from Paradise."
Naziha and Adel have toured Europe to promote their most recent CD, Rissala. In this tour they performed in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and Belgium, Palestine, South Korea, Canada and Malaysia .....

Women project,
this is a new project which brings together for the first time women from North Africa and Europe to perform on the same platform....taking their heritage much further by bringing old style traditional music mixed with new fresh ideas....
Naziha Azzouz, Vocal, percussion, Algeria
Qanoun, Tunisia
vocal, Hungaria

Naziha Azzouz

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