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Line up

  • Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko, alto jouhikko, bass jouhikko, vocals)
  • Marianne Maans (jouhikko, esseharpa, vocals)
  • Pekko Kappi (jouhikko, alto jouhikko, vocals)
  • Rauno Nieminen (jouhikko, vocals)


Jouhiorkesteri The Horse Hair Orchestra

The sound of the Jouhiorkesteri The Horse Hair Orchestra has been described as "A quartet of horsehair strung Finnish bowed lyres, sounding like a swarm of huskily raspy fiddles [...], but with a slithering, edgy pitching." Some have been puzzled by how the sound of the quartet ranges from a big string orchestra to an intimate chamber group, from a sweaty corner dance joint all the way to the otherworldly, unpredictable and timeless proto-sounds of the universe.

Jouhiorkesteri was founded in the beginning of the third millenium and the members span three generations of players. Jouhiorkesteri is devoted to the drone music traditions of Northern Europe. It's members are all well established Finnish folk musicians. Jouhiorkesteri's debut album "Nikodemus" was released in 2008.


Jouhikko is the oldest bowed instrument of Europe which last handfull of players lived on the last frontiers of Europe in the most periferic villages of Finland and Estonia in the beginning of the twentieth century.

The peculiar sound of Jouhikko derives from the fact that the horsehair strung strings are stopped with the back of the fingers the rest results from the original bowing technique that creates at the same time the feel of a very subtle or rough ancient groove.