"My Prayer" - TBC

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Prince Nyofi Afrodess
Prince Nyanyo Afrodess
Prince Nyanyo Afrodess
TBC ft. Young S
TBC - Young S on board


Hip Hop , Gospel
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TBC ft. Young S - my Prayer
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TBC are a mixed race Hip Hop gospel duo composed of brothers Nyanyo (Prince Nyanyo Afrodess) and Nyofi (Prince Nyofi Afrodess)
Nyanyo and Nyofi are the 1st and 2nd born of the Afrodess family.
Their stage name TBC means, “Twins By Choice”
They were born in German and study there but most times on their school holidays, they spend in their second homes Kenya or Cameroon.
The super talented young artists love God and have passion in spreading the gospel in the language Youth understand. They are not just singers but dancers. When they are Catwalking they always surprise with their dance interludes. They have been able to win the mindset of many with their dancing skills ability. They enjoy helping their parents with house chores, reading the Bible, cycling, skiing, making friends, praying and watching movies. Nyanyo is Saxophone player and Nyofi is the comedian of the two
They produce and record their songs at Still Alive Production. Their first song known as “MY PRAYER “ featuring YoungS is found on Youtube and other online platforms.
Their Mother the Gospel minister Afrodess is advising them in everything with Gospel and Music and their dad Wolf Woerz, CEO of AfrodessMedia help in managing their brand.