La Brigida Orquesta

La Brigida Orquesta
La Brigida Orquesta
  • country:Chile
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Jazz
  • label:Ajabu!
  • type:Band, Big Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, brass, piano
  • artist posted by:Ajabu!

Line up

  • Aldo Ignacio Gomez Garrido  (saxophone)
  • Alejandro Antonelli Mendoza Allaria  (trombone)
  • Alfredo Andrés Tauber Fuentes (trombone)
  • Edward Thomas Neidhardt  (saxophone)
  • Felipe Andres Salas Segura  (drums)
  • Fernando Ricardo Carvacho Ortiz  (trumpet)
  • Gabriel Enrique Paillao Ahumada  (piano)
  • Italo Ankaro Viveros Bonilla  (trumpet)
  • Matias Ignacio Castillo Astudillo  (vocals)
  • Tomás Javier Alliende Manubens  (bass)
  • Vicente Francisco Aravena Salazar  (saxophone)



After releasing the single “Qué Tan Arriba” in April 2023 and demonstrating a new and refreshing search for sound, La Brígida Orquesta, one of the most popular Chilean projects on the experimental rap scene in recent times, finally premieres “Música para la inmensa minoría”, their long-awaited new album released with the Swedish label Ajabu! records.

An improvised studio in an apartment in Barcelona was the beginning of the new album by La Brígida Orquesta. For ten days, Gabo Paillao, Alfredo Tauber and Matiah Chinaski -3 of the 11 members of the band- remained in a state of creative catharsis and composed around 30 tracks, from which they later selected ten to begin the process of orchestral arrangements and full band rehearsals.

Those ten songs complete today "Música para la inmensa minoría”, a work that was recorded in Estudios del Sur with the sound engineer Arturo Zegers and whose title refers to the essence and identity of La Brígida Orquesta: "Outside the mainstream is where we feel best , without external demands regarding what we should or should not do, without expectations, simply happy with the music we make", comments Gabo Paillao, musical director and producer of the album.

Influenced by everyday life and displaying a fresh and direct sound that highlights the value of music beyond any flag, in its new material La Brígida Orquesta moves naturally between emotionally intense climates and relaxed atmospheres, between jazzy moments and others close to traditional hip-hop, thus exhibiting a wide color palette that serves as a channel to amplify the urgent reflections of Matiah Chinaski, Gabo Paillao and Tomás Alud: “We want to convey the freedom to create, the importance of the unimportant in the medium of an overproduction of idiotizing material. ¨Music for the immense minority¨ is an alternative, a way out, both for us and for those who listen to us. That is to say to ourselves: okay, we have an orchestra, we really want to play, make music and laugh within the contradictory and often bleak modern life. Why not do it?”

“Música para la inmensa” features collaborations from Mente Sabia Crú and Búfalo Dit, and will have its promotional tour in Chile during the month of May. The tour includes eight shows that will take place in Valparaíso, Concepción, La Serena, Rancagua, Talca, Temuco, Valdivia and, of course, Santiago.

The Brígida Orchestra is currently formed by Ítalo Viveros, Fernando Carvacho, Alfredo Tauber, Alejandro Allaria, Edward Neidhardt, Matías Aravena, Pablo Jara, Felipe Salas, Tomás Alud, Gabo Paillao and Matiah Chinaski.

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