2H Ci Rosso Hip Hop festival

Youths being initiated in video editing
Youths being trained as technicians
Youths being prepared to be Deejays
Youths being initiated in music producing
Youths being initiated in lightning
Director of French cultural center of Saint-Louis of Senegal visiting the MCU
The stage

International Hip Hop festival preparing the eighteenth edition next December at Rosso-Senegal West Africa, border town with Mauritania from the other side of the river (fleuve Sénégal). The senegalese, french, gambian, Gabonese and Mauritanians rappers participate every year. We are still extending our network and collaborative projects to develop cultural exchanges and increase the presence of our artists into the international music scene.
Our MCU (Maison des Cultures Urbaines) « house of urban cultures » is equipped with a studio, an editing room, accommodation rooms, a stage with lights and a sound system. We give the artists of our area the opportunity to express their art and train and help them with some training sessions in video editing, MAO (musique assistée par ordinateur) « music aided by computer » , photography, project management, artistic management, author rights etc.

article posted by:Mouminy Ba, AJDCRS (Association of Youth for Cultural Development, Rosso Senegal)